A Breathing Room...

I love taking photographs in the rain.  Everything is so shiny.  You even  have a dreamy looking filter for free.  No one's out to photo bomb your landscapes too.  The few who do venture out, look so dismal- it makes for such fascinating photo subjects!

I'm weird. I know. I'm unabashed about it.  I guess I'm just having my own springtime.

I've been on the business side of the creative industry for so long- I found that I can't be "creative" without a design brief to guide me. *Gasp*  That's not who I am. It's not where I wanted to be either.

So I'm taking a pause.  I'm going back to my roots.  I'm washing away the grime of structured design with this wonderful blog. I'm loosening the collar for my personal art.

A breathing room at last.