Tools of the Trade

"Tools of the Trade."
Or "Some Stuff A Designer Needs to Survive "

Just for fun, I did an inventory of the things that I need for my art.  It's a far cry from my college days for sure.  All I needed back then was my art skill, a pencil and a stack of papers.

Nowadays I have: my desktop computer, laptop, a webcam, wifi router, printer, scanner, digital camera, my trusty old Wacom, pens, pencils and sketch notebooks.  Of course, coffee + a creative mind are the most important commodity 
of all.  (The last two goes hand-in-hand.  Can't have one without the other. Lol.)

Some of my gadgets are not the latest model out there.  I'm aware that I need to update some of my tech stuff in the near future too.  Nevertheless, I love the gizmos that I have now.  They serve me well.

Looking at my stuff now makes me wonder about the tools other artists currently use.