That Annoying Pom Pom...

I was supposed to sleep off a headache awhile ago.  But each time I close my eyes, I see an image of a girl with pom pom hair.  I couldn't shake her off.  She was really annoying.  So just to get rid of her- I knew I had to put her on paper.

I thought she'd be happy with just a sketch.  Apparently not.  She wants to be in color too!  What a pernicious little drawing she's turning out to be...

My thoughts while doing this, "Look at that poofy hair...  You annoying brat.  Let me sleep after this."

At this point I realized her nose looks like an anime mouth...  What the heck.  It's too much work to correct now.  I'll just leave it to the viewer's interpretation.  (Sorry, but I really want to sleep. >_< )

She's finally done! Yey!  I christen her Pom Pom for obvious reasons.

Interestingly, after putting Pom Pom on paper, my headache was gone and I wasn't sleepy anymore.  So now I have no excuse but to finish my earlier work. My supposed sleep/ break time is over.

That annoying Pom Pom... (^_^#)

P.S.  That scarf of hers looks familiar...  Oh yuh! Gryffindor! LOL.