Christmas is in the air! :D

After several weeks of unintended online hiatus, I finally found time to breathe! :D

I've been meaning to do this Christmas project for some time. What I wanted done is to create new recycled art decor
for my tree in the front yard.

So I hustled up some discarded dvds, painted them over with acrylic.  And presto:

Just about ready for hanging. ^_^ 

After putting on some heavy-duty wirings, I managed to "wire-in" the decor in time for my mother's party in the afternoon.
(The wirings are for the street kids who can't seem to resist my colorful designs.  They sometimes take home a dvd or two
for their personal collection.  Lol.)

The final product:

After putting these up in the morning, I discovered a "take home" attempt in the evening.  Those street kids are fast.  Thank God for hardy wires. Lol.