The Purr Machine II

Because of my recent (and totally unexpected) trip, I need to do a lot of catching up on my commitments.  In fact I was raring to tick off a lot of boxes in my "To Do" list today...

That was before The Purr Machine found me.

I tried to do my work on the computer...  She was there.

I tried to do some aceo cards/art cards...  She was there too.

I tried to do my "business" and...  She was also there with me!

I read somewhere that Siamese cats can be very demanding and social.  I second that opinion.  I literally had to run and close the door of my bedroom just to get some "alone" time.

I thought I'm the only one she's harassing.  So imagine my surprise to find my other cat, Kurimaw, hiding in the room with me.  No matter what I do- he won't budge.  It's clear he also doesn't want to face Miya outside.  Lol.

We are all running away from a little Purr Machine.  Oh the shame of it all.  XD