The Purr Machine

I'm back from travelling with a dead person. Literally.  I'll illustrate about that in one of my entries.  :)  For now, I'm just glad to be home and online.

I'd like to introduce a new addition to our family: a siamese kitten we named Miya.  (Boyfriend insisted on the name.  He says it means "beautiful" in Japanese. So be it.  But I'd like to think that "Miya" is short for "Miyazaki". As in "Hayao Miyazaki"- my all time fave director.  I offer him my kitten's name as tribute.  Lol.)


(A most unexpected Christmas gift
from the most unexpected source- my godson.)

Since I've been with dogs all my life, I hardly know what to do with this second cat in our household.  Whereas Kurimaw exhibits the traditional aloof purrsonality; Miya is... Well...  Creepy.

She's a touch-activating purr machine.  Touch her in any way and she'll purr non stop.

Weirdness aside, I'm glad for these two cats. They add more joy and cuteness in our family. :)

So happy to be home at last.