Seeing gold in the muck

I woke up today and thought it was Armageddon.  You can hear banging, ripping and items toppling over in the other room.

Then realization settled in: my mom was cleaning.

This was worse than Armageddon. My mom's definition of cleaning means everything gets thrown out.  Every thing.

So I hurried over to do rescue work.  I found these:

So that's where they've been all these time.

My college work plates.  ^_^ Seeing all these from a professional's point of view now - I cringe.  I'd like to give an award to my professor then.  I can only imagine how he sifts through all these art muck and see potential in us. Hats off to you, Sir Tolentino.

There are artworks with potential though.

I can't help myself. What's up with the old man's knee on the left?  Hahaha!  Little girl is passable as a practice piece and not as a final art.  ^_^

Now these are funny.  And a precursor of the career that I have now.  The art is so raw.  :D

On the left is the Plexiglas of a dry point art print.  I have no idea where the print is now.  :(  The one on the right is an oil painting that my sister and I worked on when I was in high school.  I'd like to refine this piece one of these days.

The rest of the paintings I'm going to strip from their frames and chuck them in my cabinet.  (I'm tempted to just burn the whole lot.  Lol.)

It's comforting to know that I've improved a lot in my skills.  It's also motivating to realize that if I can improve this much in ten years, then imagine what my art skills will be like ten years from now.

Life is exciting!

P.S. Yep. That's the Purr Machine in the pictures.  She just had to be in the picture.  XD