National Art Fair

I'm lucky enough to be involved in this event because of my association with KASIBULAN.  It's the first ever National Art Fair in the Philippines!  What was once a yearly craft fair to showcase regional crafts in the country, has now expanded to include fine arts.

And our organization took this opportunity to relaunch Baidy Mendoza's book, "Labrador".

Baidy Mendoza is quite a character.  During the autograph signing, I asked for advice on several topics.  I got more than I bargained for and enjoyed every minute of it.  I couldn't get enough of her unorthodox wisdom.

"Don't be afraid of people.  Even the Queen of England goes to the bathroom too."

"When you're needed, drop everything and go help.  If you're not needed and you're still there- that's not helping.  You're meddling!"  

And my favorite: "Don't let the writer in you stop you from writing."

Fascinating woman!  I'm honored to be in the same organization as her.

Tita Baidy and her Miss Universe wave.
On the right is KASIBULAN President, Vivan Nocum Limpin.

And just when I thought that this event couldn't get any better- JULIE LLUCH drop by our booth.  (She's a member of our organization too.)  I can't help but be a fan girl.  I mean, come on...  It's Julie Lluch!!!

Hey look! Everybody's wearing green. Lol.

The book relaunch was a success and several paintings were sold during the fair too.  It was quite an experience.  I hope DTI does this again next year.  By then, I'll be ready with my own paintings to put on sale as well.