Guhit Tanaw: Drawn Landscapes

This digital invitation card was taken from Gallerie Astra's Facebook page.
All rights belong to Dennis Francisco.  Do not copy.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I should write about here.  The artist himself requested not to post any of his artworks online for fear of it being copied. (And to be on the safe side, he requested that I shouldn't blog about it at all. That's why I'm writing about it now. >:D Anyway...)  

{INSERT MUMBLING: Yeah, I'm a little miffed. He said last week, it's okay to post tapos ngayon...  }  

Which is sad, really.  I wanted to show you how different his art style is.  Although he's compared to the likes of Paul Klee and Arturo Luz; his art still has its own unique signature.  Even if other artists do copy his art style, his art will still stand out.  

But an artist wouldn't be an artist without a weird streak.  So I'm just categorizing his fear under "Oddities of Artists." (As in capital O.A. If you're a Filipino you'd understand what the O.A. stands for.  Lol.)

{INSERT MUMBLING: Oo na. Bitter Ocampo ang lola mo. Inaamin ko. Hahaha! Ang dami kong kuha kasi from the exhibit tapos di ko rin pala magagamit. Tse!

His exhibit runs until May 28, 2015.  You can drop by Gallerie Astra in LRI Design Plaza in Makati.  His exhibit is titled "Guhit Tanaw: Drawn Landscapes".

LRI Design Plaza.
LRI Design Plaza
Gallerie Astra
Gallerie Astra is at 2/F, 210 Nicanor Garcia St., (Formerly Reposo St.) Bel-Air II Village, Makati City. 

Since I can't talk about his art- I'll talk about the next thing that I look forward to in art exhibits: FREE FOOD!  
Pizza Margherita from CARUSO. A dish inspired by Queen Margherita of Savoy, wife of King Umberto I.

Dennis Francisco is actually the recipient of the CARUSO AWARDS 2015 Painting Competition for Filipino contemporary artists. CARUSO being the CARUSO RISTORANTE ITALIANO found at the ground floor area of LRI Design Plaza.

Excerpt from the flyer. Sorry for the low quality picture.

Too bad I wasn't able to drink some of the wine.  Can't believe how thirsty people can get when wine is served for free.  :D I was able to get several slices of Pizza Margherita though. It was amazing! 

The rest of the dishes were served by Glenny's Catering... Whose staff are a little camera-shy.

After some art appreciation and dining, we were ushered to the Caruso Ristorante Italiano below to view the winning art pieces.

RICHARD VILLA ABRILLE, took this shot of me going down.  There are no elevators in LRI Design Plaza, BTW. 

When we got to the restaurant, we were distracted by the commotion inside.

Front of Caruso.  And yes, that's me again taking a picture of the  place.

It turns out, Imelda Marcos was dining inside. And people are taking pictures like crazy! I totally forgot to view the winning pieces as I scrambled to get a shot of Imelda's shoes. (Shoe paparazzi talking. Lol.)

I didn't succeed with my mission though. Kaines.

Overall it was a lovely evening. I hope in his next exhibit Dennis will be more open to having his artwork posted online.

In the meantime, I managed to bungle my way into Binondo as I searched for the elusive Chinese brushes mentioned by Sir Pete Velazquez last time.  Who knew looking for Chinese brushes in China Town would be so hard?! 

More on that at next week's blog. Abangan! 

Jo Balbarona's "Go With The Flow" is apparently scheduled on May 26, 2015.  I thought it was on May 19th.  My bad.  I had planned on comparing the two art styles of Dennis and Jo in this blog post.  Oh well. I'll let you in on her exhibit this coming June 5, 2015 post. 

If you're an artist, an art hobbyist, a wanna-be artist, or just someone who thinks you too have much to learn about art- then you're most welcome here. I'd be happy to share my notes and discuss the things I learn along the way.

Next week, I'll let you in on my misadventures in China Town as I hunt down the Chinese brushes that Sir Pete Velazquez recommended in last week's post. Stay tuned! :-)