Plein Air with the Tuesday Group of Artists

"Tin-Tin! Palitan mo yan to Obsidian Blue!"

My sparse maldita eyebrows shoot up.  Who is this guy anyway?  And why is he giving unsolicited painting advice to my friend, Tinsley?

We were invited to a plein air painting with the Tuesday Group of artists at MWSS Swimming Pool in U.P., Balara. Who would turn down the chance of painting with artists of this caliber?  So Tinsley, Marigene and I went.  

The first thing I learned there, and the hardest lesson for me to accept, came from Obsidian Blue guy:

"Kung wala ka pang napatunayan, makinig ka muna."

Since wala pa nga ako'ng napapatunayan, that effectively shut me up. Swallowing my gargantuan pride (and choking on it), I let myself be molded by Obsidian Blue who seem intent on setting us on the right path towards painting greatness.

And then Obsidian Blue introduced himself as Mario Panis.  Since I'm VERY new to the Philippine art scene- his name didn't ring a bell with me.  (Much to my chagrin now...  Especially after Googling his name.)

But during the plein air session my respect for him grew as he patiently taught us how to fill background space and disregard minute details.  (I was obsessing over tree leaves at that time.)   

I finally decided I like him fully when, on seeing my painting materials, he couldn't help but let out a horrified:

"EEYAAAAAAAAHHH!!!  Huwag mong dadalhin sa Wednesday Group yan, ha? Bigay mo na sa pamangkin mo yan!"

(Side note: He invited us to attend a session with the Wednesday Art Group for more exposure. Lucky!)
The paint material that drew his ire. LOL.
He advised me on the water color paint brand that I should buy: Winsor & Newton (if I had the budget for it) or Cotman (cheaper version of the former brand; but quality-wise is good enough.)

He then proceeded to teach us about the types and properties of watercolor paper:

As I was busy taking down notes, he took out a small notebook and showed us some of his recent portraits.

When I saw these, one thought comes to mind: Eh di wow!

When faced with such mastery- pride ko pinalipad ko na sa hangin! I went back to him again and again so he can check the progress I was making on my art.

I wish we had more time but Obsidian- err- Mr. Mario Panis had to fetch his daughter from school.

When he left, another great artist played the role of mentor: Pete Velasquez.  And he was quite an experience!

Next week, I'll let you in on The Pete Velasquez Experience. Abangan! 

If you're an artist, an art hobbyist, a wanna-be artist, or just someone who thinks you too have much to learn about art- then you're most welcome here. I'd be happy to share my notes and discuss the things I learn along the way.

Next week, I'm sharing Part Two of my plein air painting session with THE Tuesday Artist Group. Stay tuned! :-)