Something Big From Little Things

I am blessed. In an effort to take my art to the next level, I joined several art groups and met some great Filipino artists these past few months.

I asked for their best practices, how they came up with their unique techniques, even their sources of inspiration. I was expecting an out of this world reply. If they made it big time then they must be doing something outrageous, right?

But all their answers amounted to one thing: practice.

"Finish three paintings per day."

"I use up a whole sketch pad daily. You should too."

"Your sketchpad is too small.  Practice on a bigger pad and paint in it everyday."

And their dedication to the arts is phenomenal as well.

"Go sell your car tires and buy art materials from the sale!"

I wanted to laugh and pass off their comments as a joke; but the fact that they sell their paintings at a hundred thousand pesos a pop- is no laughing matter. And these price tags are from the artwork of artists who never even thought of the peso value of their work.


I am reminded of a timeless wisdom from a master: 

And this Padawan 
artist is willing to learn.

If you're an artist, an art hobbyist, a wanna-be artist, or just someone who thinks you too have much to learn about art- then you're most welcome here. I'd be happy to share my notes and discuss the things I learn along the way.

Next week, I'm sharing my experience from a plein air painting session with THE Tuesday Artist Group. Stay tuned! :-)