The Pete Velasquez Experience

When I first saw Sir Pete Velasquez' art, I found myself staring at his work with mouth partially opened. My thoughts went on a roller coaster of superlatives: 

"Maygash! Ang galeeeng!" 
"Look at that play of colors! Ayoko na mag-paint!" 
"How the heck did he do that wash?! Tapos may solid details here and here..."

I must confess. Right then and there, a fan girl was born.

But then the typical Filipina dyahe trait took over. Instead of asking him a hundred questions (which is my SOP whenever I meet a really interesting person), I was uncharacteristically mute. I went home from that first encounter flogging myself with bitter 'what ifs' and 'should haves'...

So when I saw him again at the Tuesday Group's plein air session, one word comes to mind: DESTINY! 

After learning from Mr.Mario Panis at that session, I riveted my attention to him.  Kinapalan ko na mukha ko. Destiny na ito!  I'm going to learn from this man- come what may!

And I was not disappointed. Actually, I got more than what I expected.

He gave a mini-workshop! *gasp*

First, he covered some basic art knowledge in 3 minutes:

{I'm not really good with video editing. Transitions' a bit rough. Sorry.}

When that was done, he advised us on the proper material to use. In particular, the type of brush and brand of paper for watercolor artists:

1. Chinese brush set (from Binondo)
(And I thought my hair was high maintenance. Lol.)

 2. 140lbs Canson Montval Aquarelle sketchpad.

He recommended these two materials for aspiring watercolorists because of its' ability to absorb and control water.

He also said that having high quality materials are a must for any artist.  Like him, for instance.  He uses Prang as a color base, then Louvre for the details. 


Since the Louvre brand is out of my budget range at the moment, (In other words, umandar pagiging Ilokana ko/ nagkukuripot ako.) I'll first invest in Prang, a Chinese brush set and the Aquarelle paper.  

Prang and Aquarelle paper, madaling hanapin in art stores.  Ang extra challenge to have, is the Chinese brush set.  Mukhang a trip to Binondo for the Chinese paint brush is due.  I'll let you in on my misadventures in China Town on May 29, 2015. Can't wait to buy my own set and try out Sir Pete's tip on how to properly hold a paint brush. (Yes, madami pa siya'ng tinuro. One blog post isn't enough to cover it.)

Most artists that I've met, would only teach out of a desire to have an audience. What I like about Sir Pete's manner of teaching- is his emphasis on giving.  He says one has to give a part of yourself into the painting.

(TOP) Sir Pete painting. (L) He gave me that painting I'm holding in the picture.
"Delighted" doesn't even come close to how I felt at that moment.  Lol.
(R) Sir Pete's best painting for that day.

Observing him work, you can tell that his drive to create art is not motivated by the need to sell; but by a need to give the world another point of view-as he sees it. And how he sees the world is quite wonderful.  As you can see here: 

Flicker | Pete Velasquez
Facebook Account

Aside from the practical tips, the best advice that I got that day were his words at the top of this post: "Create from the heart and mind.  There should be no ego." He really made me reflect on what my real intentions are in creating art.  

And my realization isn't pretty.  Pera-pera and recognition lang talaga habol ko. Urgh.  No wonder I couldn't create art as fluidly as he does it.  I am my own stumbling block.  Aroo!  

While I'm working out the kinks in my 'intentions', two friends invited me to their exhibitions this week.  Dennis Francisco's first solo show titled "Guhit Tanaw: Drawn Landscapes" and Jo Balbarona's "Go With The Flow."  

I'm excited to go.  Pwede'ng inspiration peg ang mga ito. Got to keep that creative juju going. And maybe-in the process of appreciating other artists' work- I can purify my intentions toward art. Learn how to really paint with no ego; just like Sir Pete.   

Next week, let's take a look at Dennis' unique linear art style and Jo's art that went with the flow. Abangan!

If you're an artist, an art hobbyist, a wanna-be artist, or just someone who thinks you too have much to learn about art- then you're most welcome here. I'd be happy to share my notes and discuss the things I learn along the way.

Next week, I'm checking out the exhibitions of my two friends who have radically different art styles. Stay tuned! :-)