BenCab in Multiples: A Print Retrospective

Relief print, frottage, collage and acrylic on misu paper. 2010. BEN CAB.

That's me in the picture. And as you can see, I was in awe. As in nganga.

I'm no art critic. I'm just an ordinary layman (or should I say laywoman? Anyway...) in the elitist world of fine arts. But Ben Cab's artwork, just by looking at it, inspires one to feel

I don't get it myself. I may have ruptured a few brain cells while viewing Ben Cab's work, but his art- in my humble opinion- provokes.

Take these for instance:
Forgot to write down the title. Aroo. These are lithograph prints; if I'm not mistaken.
The figures seem like they were in the middle of doing something when Bencab captured them in art. Which makes you think- what were they doing? And why? How come they look like they were squished in a box? Nagkulang ba sa papel si artist kaya siniksik? What is the message? Charot questions like that enter my mind while viewing these two.

My ignorance of Fine Arts is even more apparent when I discovered that what I was viewing were prints. I didn't know that Ben Cab made prints. Nganga moment for me again as the realization sinked in. Ang galing niyaaaa! Talentado!

There were a lot of artworks to see; but the CCP gallery was closing. Nahiya na rin kami sa wakas dun sa nagbabantay. She was kind enough to keep the gallery open just for us. Hahaha.

Other Ben Cab print works on display.
With me in this impromptu Ben Cab exhibit visit: Vivian Nocum Limpin (Top),
Glenda "Gigi" Lapid (L) and Tinsley Garanchon (not shown).
Woman in blue (Top) is the ever patient gallery staff. 
Ben Cab's exhibit runs from June 9 to August 16, 2015.
You can still catch it at the third floor CCP Main Theatre Building at Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery).
As the day drew to a close, I received a reminder ping on my phone. One of the artists that I admire, Sir Pete Velasquez, will hold his first ever one man show tomorrow titled "TRANQUILLA" at Sining Kamalig in Ali Mall, Cubao. 

From Ben Cab's strong lines to Mr.Pete's gentle watercolors- what a week! Can't wait to share with you another Pete Velasquez experience on August 14, 2015. Abangan!
If you're an artist, an art hobbyist, a wanna-be artist, or just someone who thinks you too have much to learn about art- then you're most welcome here. I'd be happy to share my notes and discuss the things I learn along the way.

I'm excited to see Sir Pete's artwork tomorrow. Look forward to watercolors galore on my August 14, 2015 post! Stay tuned! :-)