Trending in Manila culture: it’s world burger day and DU31! (Duterte won!)

To celebrate, Kamuning Bakery Café came out with this Duterte inspired cake and a new addition to their menu: Pan de Duterte Burger. Kudos to artist Rica Palomo-Espiritu for the Duterte caricature.

Photo credits to Kamuning Bakery Café. 
Taken from their Facebook page

The humongous Pan de Duterte Burger. Yey!
I’ve got to hand it to Mr.Wilson Lee Flores, the present owner of Kamuning Bakery café. He sure knows how to ride a trend. He offered a refreshing take on Philippine politics. Imagine all that hoopla cut down to manageable size… And for once, politics that is pleasing to the appetite. An impossibility; but he made it happen.
I can't help but notice the newest addition to their regular menu: Pan de Poe, Pan de Binay
Pan de Roxas, Pan de Miriam, and Pan de Nada (for those who opted not to vote.)

If Coco Martin runs for president, will he be Pan de Coco in their menu? (Ay grabe. Ang corny ko. Hahaha!
Good food, freebies and great friends. What a night. It’s not only Duterte who won. Everybody did.
Thank God for friends who are game for anything.
From L to R: Anne Rosario, Tin Redioca, and Tinsley Garanchon.