Kubing Ladies

Last year, some friends and I attended the LIKHA Pilipinas Creativity Summit. We learned a lot from the forum but this blog post isn’t really about the symposium.

 Left to right: Me, Tinsley Garanchon and Vida Versoza.  
It’s about the kubing that our friend, Atty. VidaVerzosa (pictured above, farthest right), bought at the summit for her daughter.

At first,Tinsley Garanchon (pictured above; lady in the middle) and I thought it was some indigenous kutsara. Then Vida showed us how Maguindanaons use it. It’s a bamboo musical instrument! We were hooked.
Photo taken from Tinsley Garanchon's Instagram account.
You play this kubing (also known as Philippine bamboo jaw harp) by blowing through the slit and at the same time, flicking the thin end of the bamboo stick repeatedly. The vibration causes a twang sound that is iconic of Philippine ethnic music.

Tinsley is a quick study. I had to muddle my way through just to get a few twangs. LOL.
What’s even more interesting is it’s an instrument for courtship. We have no idea what our sounds may mean in the video above. We just hope that we weren't giving off love vibes to unsuspecting tribal men out there.

It’s not an easy instrument to master; but a really fun medium to play and learn. I say, “Well done, Pinoy Ancestors!” for dreaming up these types of instrument. Your legacy makes me appreciate the richness of our cultural heritage even more.

With that, I leave you with this video of Kubing Ladies plying their craft:

<3 FUN <3