The Price of Independence

What price freedom?

Last 2015, a historical movie surprisingly became a hit in Philippine cinemas.

And I remember, the netizens reaction to it was legendary.

The last post was a plea from writer, copyright champion, and teacher, Bebang Siy.

Even if the movie’s historical account is somewhat controversial, like Miss Bebang, I understand the need for it in our generation. If only to shock us to appreciate someone else’s sacrifice for our freedom; especially as we observe our Philippine Independence Day today.

There’s a need to understand the price we paid for our history. Granted, some of us would forget details about Mabini or Luna. (Maybe these people slept through all their history classes.) But for all the reactions that I’ve heard from that movie- one particular story stood out.

     Girl (after watching the movie): “Bakit sila nagwa-war?”
     Boy: “Buti na lang maganda ka.”

If our fallen heroes heard that, I’ll bet they’ll turn in their graves.

May you all have a meaningful Philippine Independence Day.