#ManilaArtHop 2016-2017

Yes, it's FREE!

And I got my copy during the recent exhibit opening of our art group in Ayala Museum. This was the brainchild of Electrolychee, Planting Rice and Leah Cobangbang with funding from Museum Foundation of the Philippines. And they're in the middle of distributing 10,000 FREE copies to universities, galleries, museums and artist-run spaces... Did I mention that it's free? FREE! Oo na, makulit na. Pasensya na po. It's just that I'm ecstatic about it. It's pure GENIUS!  

It's clear that they had commuters and regular folk in mind.
First page opens up to a map of trains in Metro Manila.
The guide is very easy to use. Everything is straightforward and simple. For example, I want to check out art spaces in Quezon City. I just look for the Quezon City page and the art spaces are listed alphabetically. The address, contact details, and entrance fees are listed too. Colorful notations are listed at the bottom so you'd know if it's a university, an artist-run space, a museum or a commercial gallery. Number notations beside the art space makes it easy for you to look for it on the map.
I used the AFP Museum as an example here. It's the red number 1 on the map.

I can't wait to use this guide and ogle at art all day long. What a boon to our art and culture scene. 

P.S. (Pahabol sa Sulat)
You might want to visit the nearest art space in your area now to get one. Remember, it's 10,000 copies only. Plus it's FREE. You know how it is with us Filipinos when an item is free. LOL.