Tinker Tales

Our group, Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK), celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with an exhibit titled "Tinker Tales" at Ayala Museum in Makati City.

For years we've created art from stories made for children. This time, we exhibited art inspired from stories made by kids.

Personally, I was surprised at some of the tales written. You'd think it's all fun and games for them. Some of the stories have depth that makes you think if kids are actually little adults who are just pretending.

At the bottom: "There was once a man who had no friends."
Napag-isip ako dito. Asan ang mga friendship nang batang ire?
Some of the stories were refreshingly blunt. Like the story assigned to me:

"Isang rabbit ng gumaga sa kalye ang rabbit ay sumilip sa aming bintana at biglang may kumalampag sa lakas ay nasagasaan ang rabbit. Nay libing na natin sya sa bakanteng lote at dun nila nilibing ang rabbit at dun natapos ang storya ng rabbit."

My initial reaction was "Yun na yun?! Natapos ang story- ganun lang?!" I was looking for closure, a story arc or even someone to blame. Yet this young writer was so unceremonious about death; he made me think. So I tinkered with his tale and came up with this:

Photobombing my own artwork. Kapalan lang nang mukha. LOL.
Tinker Tales gave me a glimpse at how young people nowadays think. That's why I can't stress enough how important it is to nurture their dreams and imagination. As President Barrack Obama said, the future belongs to them. And since the future is theirs, then might as well tinker with their education and fire up their imaginations too, right?

I'm glad I was able to participate in activities like this. If I'm not mistaken, there's another call for artwork inspired stories for next year's exhibit. Got kids? Perfect! Bring them along this weekend. They're the best excuse to see Tinker Tales. *wink wink*

Tinker Tales exhibit runs until October 16, 2016 at Ayala Museum in Makati City. See you there!
Was it fun? You betcha.