This irreverent blog is written by artist Glenda Maye Abad. (That's me! LOL.)  It documents my attempt to understand and appreciate Philippine arts and culture; from high society fine arts to the meaningful graffiti next door. 

Perhaps. But I’d like to think that I contribute something unique to the world in my own irreverent way. As an artist, I'd like to push for art appreciation on all levels of society. Not out of self-interest, mind you. But out of a sincere desire to share something I find nourishing to the soul.  

I noticed that although most of the Philippine art scene is geared towards- or is about- the Filipino, it is usually presented in a tone that is understandable only to the Filipino elite. 

Which made me wonder.  Does this mean only the Filipino elite can appreciate art and culture?

I once showed a photo of a Lydia Velasco painting to a group of street vendors. Their reaction to the painting's beauty is just the same as an art collectors': W-O-W!

From there, the idea for this blog is born.  Not all Filipinos have physical access to our art and culture scene; but nearly everyone have access to the internet.  As I go about educating myself on Philippine arts and culture, maybe someone out there wants to know more about it too. 

To these people, I am your willing guinea pig.  I don’t mind falling flat on my face so someone else can learn from my mishaps- este, adventures. God has blessed me with enough chutzpah and goof ball genes to ride through the steepest learning curve. For these people, I willingly share my art notes. 

Of course, content matters. With that in mind, I’d like to focus my writing on the following:
  • History     -     It must have a compelling story. Who is it? What is it? Why bother?
  • Experience     -     Will I learn something new? Will I be inspired or disappointed by it?
  • Uniqueness   -     Is the topic unique? If not, then what more can I add to it?

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